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Autumn Winter 17/18

In rosa mosa’s models of shoes for the fall/winter 2017/18 collection elegance meets workers’ culture. Classical shoe types like loafers and derby boots are hand sewn onto heavy soles. The women’s as well as the men’s models come in three colors: black, chestnut, and green. With its new loafer models rosa mosa takes a look at the etymology of this shoe. The first loafers were produced in America in 1910. In the 1930s they were especially popular among prep school and university students, who are said to have stuck a penny in the saddle slot for luck. That is the origin of the name penny loafer. To remind us of this practice rosa mosa has manufactured its own stamped metal coins.

The leather mules come with flexible black wooden soles and are intended to be worn with rosa mosa’s curly knit socks from the same collection. The color palette includes black, cayenne, vermilion, navy blue, and dark green. The fold in the stapled uppers give the shoe a rough, boxy shape. To manufacture this high-end shoe rosa mosa collaborates with regional workshops and producers of artisanal goods, placing special importance on sustainability. The accessories in rosa mosa’s fall/winter collection are inspired by the need for simple, high-quality things and a closeness to nature. The materials of the collection are soft and haptic, from the big “curly” knits, to the velvety nubuck leather of the shoes, to the indestructible military canvas used in the ball-shaped bags. The repertoire is expanded to include wool felt and hand-felted Loden, which is used for the hand-shaped kilties on shoes and clogs. The handcrafted collection made in Nepal calls to mind the simple sheepskins worn by the Sherpa in the Himalayas. This faux fur knit collection includes hand-knitted or crocheted short vests, wide scarves, beanies and caps as well as mittens and socks. The latter are also available in a slipper version with sewn-on leather soles. rosa mosa uses only high-quality sheep wool. The color palette includes black, rust, off-white, and navy. All wool accessories in the current collection are handmade in Nepal under fair conditions. This also applies to the simple oversize capes and ponchos made of hand-spun and woven yak cashmere. The various four-tone plaid patterns were inspired by the North American lumberjack shirt. House slippers made of crocheted granny squares complete the knit collection.

The “helmet” bag, inspired by a military helmet carrying case, is available in high-quality brown leather as well as green canvas with leather handles. The XL version comes in black leather.

rosa mosa X Mühlbauer

Teaming up with the Viennese hat manufacturer Mühlbauer, rosa mosa promises another product of simple elegance and high-quality craftsmanship. Its most well-known form is the Basque beret, which was typically worn by the shepherds in the Pyrenees mountains. rosa mosa’s version is made of felted wool, has a pompom on top, and comes in beige, red, navy blue, and black.